Links In a Chain

Sol Day at Moonwater Farm

A Virtual Garden in Missouri, a Farm Refuge in Los Angeles

Two urban farms with unique approaches to the same mission: building a community, a connection to the earth, and a local food supply. Los Angeles' Moonwater Farm, and Missouri's Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.


The Meat Supply Chain Is Broken

Meatpacking plants have proven to be major hotspots for the coronavirus, with some forced to temporarily shut down as a result. But there was nothing stable about them to begin with.


Praise for the Banana Leaf

In March 2019, photos from inside a Thai supermarket went viral. In an effort to reduce the ubiquity of single-use plastic, the Rimping shop in Chiangmai had replaced its packaging with local banana leaves.


The Origins of the “Forever Chemical,” PFAS

There’s a class of chemicals that the Center for Disease Control concludes is present in the bloodstreams of almost every American. These chemicals are so environmentally pervasive that they’ve even recently been measured in remote areas of the Arctic.