Recyclable Versus Compostable

Our products are made from certified non-toxic and biodegradable materials. Further, every product we make must pass a rigorous test certifying that each product WILL breakdown into safe, healthy soil in 90 days or less in a commercial composting facility.

The development of composting infrastructure is still new for many municipalities in the U.S. We collaborate with our logistics partner and Materials Resource Facilities (MRFs) to help business customers close the loop on compostable packaging.

Why “PFAS-Free” is Important to Human Health

PFAS are a class of chemicals that impact human health by:
1. Detrimentally affecting growth, learning and behavior;
2. Interfering with natural hormone levels;
3. Making certain vaccines less effective;
4. Increasing the risk of kidney and testicular cancer;
5. Increasing risks of high cholesterol and hypertension.

PFAS are used to prevent oil leaks, staining and sticking in food packaging. By the end of 2020, packaging that contains PFAS will NOT be qualified compostable in the U.S. All of our packaging is guaranteed PFAS-Free.