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PHBH and Birch Utensils


Birch Utensils

For regions that mandate the use of wood over bioplastic, sustainably managed and sourced birch wood utensils.

  • Available individually wrapped in paper or bulk.
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PHBH Utensils

Our utensils are made in Kaneka Biopolymers PHBH. PHBH is a non-toxic 100% bio-based bioplastic, degradable in any environment including water. PHBH is high heat tolerant, which makes it suitable for use with hot foods and liquids.


  • Utensils are dishwasher-safe up to 20 times, reusable and lightweight. 
  • Available individually or in sets of three.
  • Made from Certified Marine Degradable PHBH compound.
  • Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable and biodegrades in landfill.
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