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Apparel Bags

Our apparel bags are transparent enough to scan through, durable, water resistant, and can be made in a variety of sizes. We use a water based glue strip, and non-toxic water based inks for customization and compostable information.  Depending upon the contents, our bags can be manufactured and certified Home Compostable, meaning they will will biodegrade harmlessly and completely in your backyard in less than 180 days.


  • Transparent- can be scanned through.
  • Made from corn or sugar based PLA and PBAT, a fully compostable non-toxic synthetic compound that adds flexibility to compostable films.
  • Compostable non-toxic ink for printing-we recommend printing in one or two colors.  
  • Water-based glue strip, bag perforation for easy opening and disposal.
  • Can be manufactured with a ziploc closure in Commercially Compostable non-toxic material.
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