Apparel Bags

Compostable Apparel Bag

SKU: GEOAPP Categories: , Tags: , , , , Standard Dimensions: Sampled in 12.5” x 18” closed with glue stripe on overlapping open end.Material: Double Layer Compostable FilmCOLORS AVAILABLE: Transparent with a milky tint and a smooth sheen.PDF Viewer - print and download product specific documents here:

Every piece of apparel that leaves the factory is shipped in a plastic bag. Replace single use plastic with compostable apparel bags available in a variety of dimensions. Can be custom printed in compostable ink.

***Compostable glue strips under development.***

In our current design, we perforate the top two inches of the bag so that the glue strip portion can be carefully torn off and disposed of separately from the compostable lower portion of the bag.

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