A Global Partnership

Geosphere is a global partnership between Yinliang, our China-based manufacturer, Geosphere LLC, our California-based business office, and our U.S. based manufacturing network.

One floor of the Yinliang GMP Manufacturing Facility
Yinliang GMP Manufacturing Facility

YINLIANG: Compounds & Manufacturing

Geosphere’s primary manufacturing partners, Yinliang, are located in Changshu near Shanghai. Yinliang is a family owned GMP and FDA-certified factory complex with decades of experience in injection molding, ceramics, extrusion molding, electronics and innovative materials development for the consumer products and automobile industries. Yinliang is committed to producing verifiably non-toxic and 100% biodegradable compounds and products with superior performance metrics. 

GEOSPHERE LLC: Business Strategy, Product Development & Sales

Geosphere’s business offices are located at the Idealab in Pasadena, California. Our business group works closely with our manufacturing and logistics partners, our customers, and our sales force to create new opportunities in apparel, personal care, restaurants, and ecommerce. Geosphere also maintains relationships with scientists on the cutting edge of materials development, tracks U.S.-based business innovations in non-toxic additives, inks, glues, and new biodegradable polymers as they become commercially viable. Finally, we navigate the ever-changing landscape of waste management and commercial composting infrastructure to keep our clients and their customers apprised of the latest information, and to provide the best end-of-life solutions for our product lines.

Geosphere creates solutions using certified renewable, compostable, non-toxic and when applicable, reusable materials. We welcome inquiries and requests from any industry.