A Global Three Way Partnership

Geosphere LLC is an international partnership with offices in China and the United States. Our manufacturing partner in Changshu, China, represents three generations of experience creating durable goods for the automobile and television industries, with the third generation taking the helm to move the business into sustainable materials manufacturing. Yinliang, our sourcing office in Changshu, has carefully cultivated key relationships with new materials scientists, compounders, engineers and testing labs. When a customer brings us a new packaging challenge, Yinliang works with all parties to develop the right compound for the manufacturing process required. This often takes many iterations and careful troubleshooting and a process of elimination.

The U.S. offices, or business partners, of Geosphere are located at the Idealab in Pasadena, California. Our business group works closely with our logistics partner, OIA, our customers, and our sales force to create new opportunities in apparel, personal care, restaurants, and ecommerce. Geosphere also maintains relationships with scientists on the cutting edge of materials development, tracks U.S.-based business innovations in non-toxic additives, inks, glues, and new biodegradable polymers with promise.