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Kaneka Biopolymers PHBH, trademarked Green Planet, is a member of the PHA family of biopolymers. PHBH is 100% non-toxic, plant-based and fully compostable. PHBH is made by fermenting selected beneficial soil bacteria in a warm bath with seed oil feedstock. The bacterium convert the seed oils into the building blocks of the bioplastic known as PHBH. Using a solvent-free technique, Kaneka filters the ferment and pelletizes remaining resin for injection and blow molding applications.

PHBH was discovered in the 1930’s by a Japanese soil biologist. 90 years later, Kaneka has fully commercialized this process and is breaking ground on a second and larger PHBH manufacturing plant.

PHBH is globally certified 100% biobased and soil degradable, leaving behind no microplastics in the environment.

More remarkable, TUV has granted marine degradable certification to PHBH straws and thin films.

Final products
TUV has granted Marine degradable certification to PHBH straws and thin films.
Pure Kaneka PHBH utensils-bio-based, non-toxic, high heat tolerant.
Pure Kaneka PHBH Better for All Cup, prototyping phase...
Kaneka PHBH Ex Factory Bag, prototyping phase...

Read more about Kaneka's PHBH resins at the Kaneka Biopolymers website.

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