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A rapidly renewable alternative to trees, Bamboo self-replenishes in a growing season, and is an excellent crop for carbon sequestration. Bamboo stores carbon in its root systems, which readily regrow cane after cutting.

Highly compostable, non-toxic, free of oil-resistant PFAs additives, our bamboo paper and molded fiber containers will completely biodegrade in landfill and in the general environment in a year or less.

Bamboo cane fibers can be made into paper, used to make utensils, lightweight packaging and product. Its fiber can be blended with starch and water and molded into containers and packaging supports.

Final products
A cup made from Bamboo paper.
PFAs-Free Custom Molded Bamboo Bowl with Lid

Paper made from tree wood is more and more often touted as the best alternative to non-compostable plastics. However globally trees are a disappearing resource. Climate-change driven wildfires, deforestation by farmers, use of wood for fuel for energy, and creeping desertification are all taking a devastating toll on earth's natural carbon sink, the forest—trees are disappearing at the rate of 80,000 acres a day.

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