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Syrian IDP camp, Burseya Hill, 2019.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Living Without Solid Waste Management

Geosphere’s mission is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: we aim to improve lives while supporting our planet.

Every year, humanitarian aid is delivered packaged in billions of plastic bags and bottles, cardboard boxes, aluminum wrappers and foil seals. Waste management in humanitarian relief zones either doesn’t exist or has been interrupted by disaster. Relief organizations regularly leave behind unmanageable piles of toxic waste for residents to live with when the operation is over.

To help address relief operation pollution, Geosphere offers products that work well in the field, and will decompose without leaving behind microplastics and toxins. Inspired by nature’s packaging, we make products in materials that can replenish in a growing season, and will biodegrade once discarded into non-toxic humus, air and water. Explore our product offering and email us with your specific needs. We make variety of food-safe non-toxic plant fiber containers, bamboo cups, compostable flat masks, bags, gloves and utensils suitable for mess tents, field hospitals, camps, and other relief operations.

We have several critical research & development humanitarian assistant clean water projects in works. Contact our product development department with your field operation challenge, we’ll work together to help your organization reduce its footprint.

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