Packaging Innovations

Plastic Free Coatings that Extend the Shelf-Life of Produce

Food supply chains are tightly run machines designed to deliver fragile fresh whole foods to your plate as quickly as possible. What if we could stop flying that asparagus in, and put it on a boat? Apeel targets both home based food waste, and supply chain inefficiences, by extending the shelf life of high value perishables.


Takeout Delivery Apps Repurposed to Reduce Food Waste

An overview of Door Dash's Project Dash, Postmates' Food Fight!, Seamless' No Kid Hungry, Uber Eats' opt-in, Swiggy's Packaging Assist and more...


How Does Bhutan Remain Carbon-Negative?

Landlocked between China and India, Bhutan has been an independent state throughout its history, building a national identity around the tenets of Buddhism. Today, 72% of Bhutan is forest; the government, following a ruling from the fourth king, has mandated that 60% remain that way indefinitely.


Low on Water, Cities Get Creative

Droughts are increasingly common worldwide. Brought on by changes in rain, snow and wind patterns, the effects take years to reveal themselves.

Packaging Innovations

Praise for the Banana Leaf

In March 2019, photos from inside a Thai supermarket went viral. In an effort to reduce the ubiquity of single-use plastic, the Rimping shop in Chiangmai had replaced its packaging with local banana leaves.

Ocean Plastic

Women Set Sail in the Name of Science

In October of 2019 an all-female crew embarked on an ambitious sailing mission around the world to research and raise awareness of the threat of ocean plastic pollution.

Collective Action

Crowdsourcing Trash Collection

September 21 2019 marked World Cleanup Day. Activists from around the world hit the streets, forests, and beaches to pick up trash.


Burning the Amazon

The first time I really, truly began to understand the Amazon — river and rainforest — was through the words of David Grann, in his narrative nonfiction masterpiece, The Lost City of Z.


The Origins of the “Forever Chemical,” PFAS

There’s a class of chemicals that the Center for Disease Control concludes is present in the bloodstreams of almost every American. These chemicals are so environmentally pervasive that they’ve even recently been measured in remote areas of the Arctic.

Packaging Innovations

California’s “Bring Your Own” Bill

California is one of the states leading the efforts to combat material resource loss to landfill, and environmental plastic pollution with plastic bag and straw bans, food waste to organics recycling, biogas infrastructure incentives, and more. But the focus hasn’t been on reuse until now.