A Plastics Plant vs. the Community

Oil companies whose products ratchet up hurricane intensity and pollute the air daily are weaving a narrative in which they are the saviors. St. James residents aren't buying it.

Collective Action

Climate Justice is Racial Justice

Six scientists and scholars on the intersections of systemic racism, the fight for racial justice, climate change, and the fight for climate justice.

Sol Day at Moonwater Farm

A Virtual Garden in Missouri, a Farm Refuge in Los Angeles

Two urban farms with unique approaches to the same mission: building a community, a connection to the earth, and a local food supply. Los Angeles' Moonwater Farm, and Missouri's Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.


Making Change With Her Pen

A conversation with environmental artist Elkpen about her work and inspiration.


The Meat Supply Chain Is Broken

Meatpacking plants have proven to be major hotspots for the coronavirus, with some forced to temporarily shut down as a result. But there was nothing stable about them to begin with.

Collective Action

Citizen Science, Coronavirus & Climate Change

Journalist, author, and citizen scientist Mary Ellen Hannibal walks Nadine Zylberberg through the many ways all of us can contribute to scientific research, like helping track weather patterns, giraffes migration, or find kelp forests.

Collective Action

Taking Climate Campaigns Online

Amid widespread shut-downs across the world in response to COVID19, climate strikers are getting creative.


Composting for the Future

“Curtis Bay is polluted by the emissions from I-895, a chemical company, a coal company, a kerosene company, and three incinerators.” Marvin Hayes of the Baltimore Compost Collective, and his work to reverse the damage from the ground up.

Circular economy

First Came the Milkman. Then Came Loop.

Where most of us see trash, Tom Szaky sees potential. In 2001 Szaky set out to recycle the hard-to-recycle products we use, from coffee capsules to cigarette butts. Today, his company TerraCycle offers a suite of waste sorting services that includes free recycling programs, industrial waste management, and now, refillable container programs.


Miami Food Rescue & the Super Bowl Leftovers

On Sunday, February 2, 2020, thousands of football fans descended on Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers. There were fireworks, there was an impressive halftime show — and there was lots and lots of food.