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Mission & History

In mid 2018 we put our heads together on a mission to replace single-use plastic. In 2019 we launched Geosphere to develop nontoxic and certified compostable packaging and products. (Leaving a toxic mess for someone else to live with feels very ‘last century’.)

Shifting our focus from thin film packaging and personal care jars and bottles, in late 2019 we decided to take on development in newer, 100% biobased and more broadly compostable materials. In 2021 we began working in earnest with Kaneka Biopolymers’ PHBH on a specific application – the disposable party, event and stadium cup–and launched the Better for All trademark. The Better for All 18 oz Compostable cup was born in 2022, and in January 2023 we introduced a 9 oz cup, both certifed home and commercially compostable.

In 2021 we also initiated several projects, still in development, specific to the delivery of clean water to communities lacking clean water infrastructure and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief operations.


Contact us with your projects and inquiries, we look forward to partnering with you!

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