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In early 2018 we came together aligned behind a mission to replace single-use plastic. We develop and manufacture with plant materials that can replace petroleum-based and non-compostable plastics, styrofoams and hybrids. Keenly aware of the toll on human and animal health of chemical and environmental pollution, we pursue compostable certifications to ensure our products are guaranteed non-toxic. To us it is important to reduce exposure to carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals to people during all stages of production and consumption—including disposal. Leaving a toxic mess for someone else to live with feels very ‘last century’.


Our manufacturing partners have decades of experience in the development, commercialization and production of consumables for different markets: personal care, food service, and medical. To date, we have compostable child-resistant packaging, personal care jars and bottles, a complete line of film products, and are in development on injection blow molded compostable juice bottles, water jugs, cups and automatic filling machine packaging.


New materials are exciting—they offer unique solutions to the market and challenges to a developer. We require ourselves to make the world a better place with our products and innovations: our company is mission driven and compelled to find safer non-toxic material solutions for our customers. We work closely with material developers to make quality products that are scalable and sustainable.

Manufacturing Footprint

As the world responds to financial and supply chain stressors so do we—our U.S. manufacturing footprint is growing and we have development projects underway in Oregon, California and Texas. We have strong relationships to contract manufacturing and development capacity in China, and have the agility afforded any company with access to in-house development and manufacturing close to our home in California.

Solid Waste Management

Throughout most of the United States, solid waste management infrastructure is aging and in some cases barely there. As a nation we rely on landfill as a blanket solution. On the east coast, where many local landfills have exceeded capacity, waste is hauled 100’s of miles before being sorted and processed. To preserve landfill capacity and massively reduce our collective footprint, we must build the national infrastructure required to divert food and organic waste from landfill to organics recycling (aka composting) facilities, and recyclable electronics, plastics, glass and paper to materials recycling facilities. Today, we could redirect 40-60% of total waste collected from landfill to composting facilities!

Compostable food service and clean up products and packaging ensure better total organics waste diversion from landfill. Where solid waste management is nonexistent, for example in developing areas or just after a disaster, we believe that our current best strategy is to create solutions that are non-toxic, plant based and fully compostable.  In this instance, our products introduce no toxins into aid recipient populations or local environments, and will compost with organics or burn cleanly if incinerated. We can also implement reusable plant-based solutions in cases where populations are relocated for longer periods of time and collection is possible and probable.


Contact us with your projects and inquiries, we look forward to partnering with you!

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