Non-toxic, Sustainable, Scalable

Our Core Values

Geosphere develops products that confront the consumer market’s biggest packaging challenges: plastic pollution, human health and global warming.

For more than a decade, the global consumer has navigated a minefield of conflicting information about what is safe for them, for their children, and for the world they live in. In response, corporate commitments to sustainability abound. Now, it’s time to act.

Urban Farming, Meat Industry Supply Chains


A Virtual Garden in Missouri, a Food Refuge in Los Angeles

From the Midwest to the West Coast, urban farms are taking unique approaches to the same mission: building a community, a connection to the earth, and a local food supply.


The Meat Supply Chain Is Broken

Meatpacking plants have proven to be major hotspots for the coronavirus, with some forced to temporarily shut down as a result. But there was nothing stable about them to begin with.

Sustainable Packaging

Our products are made from certified non-toxic and biodegradable materials. Further, every product we make must pass a rigorous test certifying that each product WILL breakdown into safe, healthy soil in 90 days or less in a commercial composting facility.



to coexist is to exist