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That you are here tells us you are ready to think about your packaging in an entirely new way.

Packaging’s primary function is protection: protect your product in transit, protect your product from the elements, protect your product from tampering and theft, protect the transaction, protect your brand. We believe protection is a two-way street.

Awhile back, caught up in the hyperglossy superbranded “get that shade of cmyk right or reprint the whole order” packaging frenzy, designers and brands lost track of this.

Protection is a two-way street.

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Markets for recyclables fluctuate sure but they are still positive, still profitable. You have to remember, refuse is always negative. Waste costs.
Kathryn Garcia, Department of Sanitation, NYC, 2017

At IEKO, we create packaging materials designed to deliver protection not just for your product, but also for your customer. In the end of course, this will also protect your brand, but getting there is going to require vision, partners, and collaboration and for that, IEKO is here.

Imagine your supply chain extended to include your product and packaging materials AFTER use. Can you re-use, re-cycle or otherwise re-source them? Can you visualize that supply chain you so painstakingly cultivated transforming from a line into a loop? Packaging designed with this in mind must guarantee the following:

  1. Materials belong in the same resource stream;
  2. Materials, inks & glues are certified non-toxic;
  3. Packages are clearly labeled and easily sorted;
  4. Materials can be recycled or upcycled into products of equal or greater value.
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IEKO has non-toxic & commercially compostable compounds & processes for 4 primary packaging materials categories: blow molded films, injection molded containers, extruded straws, & laminates for molded or rolled fibers.

Single layer blow molding machine, IEKO Inc, 2019

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Why we make apparel bags—an average online order leaves your customer dealing with a large pile of mixed plastic bag waste.


The Plastic Bag is notoriously difficult to recycle. Today, 99% of bags made are destined for landfill, litter, or the incinerator. We support bans, fees, and other efforts to curb use and production. For cases in which plastic bags are the best currently available protection, we have compostable films certified for a range of weights and applications: apparel bags, laminated dry goods bags, ecommerce shipping bags.

In accordance with California and Federal guidelines, all IEKO compostable bags will be “green-striped” and clearly marked Certified Commercially Compostable. IEKO TKO bags work - email us for detailed product sheets and SGS lab stress test results.

Have another application in mind? Let us know.

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Spent sugar cane, aka bagasse, ready to be pulped and thermoformed into compostable containers.


IEKO’s TKO Lamination films are designed to be applied to either thermoformed bagasse, spent hemp, or pure bamboo containers, or transferred onto tree-free paper and folded into functional shapes.

FDA-Approved, certified non-toxic and 100% commercially compostable, our lamination films won’t crack or peel in storage, and can hold warm liquids including oil up to 140 degrees farenheit for up to 30 days.

Our thermoformed containers and tree-free papers contain no additives or fillers, and can be custom molded to accommodate your product mix as well as embossed or imprinted with branding and composting guidelines.

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Beta testing in China, January 2019

Agricultural Applications

Agricultural film, or “mulch film”, is typically acres of plastic sheeting that farmers roll out at the beginning of the planting season to prevent weeds and hold moisture. After several months, before moisture becomes rot, plastic mulch film has to be painstakingly peeled off of and picked out of the soil using special machines and extensive labor.

IEKO’s TKO Agricultural films and grow bags are designed to perform exactly the same function as plastic, but better. Our agricultural films will compost in the field, saving farmers thousands of dollars in cleanup. Our films prevent weeds and hold moisture, then microbes from the soil and the heat of the sun start the decomposition process, releasing any remaining trapped moisture. Further, there is no danger of microplastics or toxics leaching into the soil that feeds the plants we eat. TKO films have completed crop testing in China and begin beta testing on California crops this summer, 2019.

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Vape Tube for Jetty Extracts, 2019

Child Resistant Containers

Working with the cannabis packaging experts at Kush Supply Co, IEKO has developed 100% commercially compostable, non-toxic & child-resistant injection molded tubes for vape oils and rolled cannabis flower products. The tubes protect cannabis products from breakage, destructive UV light, and curious children.

The task was complex and required new compounds, custom processing, and re-engineered package designs to meet composting requirements. Each tube will be imprinted with compostable messaging.

IEKO is currently working with Kush and Jetty on sourcing compostable labels, glue and ink, and proposing label designs that use the least glue possible.

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Why make packaging designed to become carbon sequestering plant food?

Because the future is circular.

Why Compost?

  1. Composting is a critical component of our collective futures—legislation has passed, funds and sites allocated, composting is coming to you.
  2. Food production and waste are major contributors to climate warming. Food must NOT end up in landfill. We need food packaging that can be composted with rotting food scraps.
  3. Compost keeps carbon where it belongs, out of the atmosphere and into plants.
  4. Compost replenishes topsoil in one year.
  5. Compost is a valuable product that can be sold to farms, nurseries, and land developers.
  6. Anaerobic composting creates biogas, Natural Gas without Fracking, without Incineration of Toxic Waste. Win win.

Contact IEKO to find out if certified compostable packaging can be a part of your future packaging strategy.

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