Geosphere, Developers of Circular Packaging

We make 100% compostable films, injection molded bottles and jars, PFAS-Free thermoformed bowls, trays and containers, gloves, straws and more. We are always interested in new sustainable product challenges. Contact us with your needs.

Our Commitment

Geosphere develops products that confront our biggest challenges: plastic pollution, human health and global warming. Our compostable packaging is certified non-toxic and guaranteed to biodegrade completely.

We all navigate a minefield of conflicting information about what is safe for us, our families, and for the world we live in. In response, many companies have put ‘sustainability’ at the top of the list. What’s new? Todays consumer expects action over lip service, and knows what to look for when evaluating businesses for their commitment to becoming actually sustainable enterprises.

Focus on Solutions: Collective Action

Collective Action

Protecting an Unlikely Ecosystem: the Friends of the Los Angeles River

Since 1986, Friends of the LA River (FoLAR) has fulfilled its mission to show Angelenos just how important this waterway is.


A Regional Approach to the Continental Problem of Desertification

What the Great Green Wall intended to be, and what it ultimately became, was a practical pan-African initiative to reverse these devastating natural trends by addressing land degradation and poverty in tandem.


Everything Aflame