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Geosphere llc, home of the Better for All Cup, develops non-toxic, compostable products and field ready sustainable solutions for the humanitarian aid and disaster relief sector.

Introducing the Better for All PHBH 18 oz Event Cup

Fully Compostable, Non-Toxic, Water Degradable.

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About PHBH

Kaneka's Green Planet PHBH Profiled

PHBH in Materials


AIDEX 2022

Global Humanitarian Aid Event 16-17 November in Brussels

Increasing aid efficiency by working with locally-led humanitarian response -- June at InterAction Public Forum in D.C.

InterAction Public Forum 2022

June 15-16, 2022 InterAction

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief

CHALLENGE: How to feed hungry people and deliver aid without creating persistent pollution?

Compostable Products
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Learn more about how Geosphere's products align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Development Goals
Why Our Containers are Free of Toxins

PFAS, Dioxins, Pthalates, Bisphenol-A ...short term convenience with negative health effects on humans and animals.

Why Non-Toxic?

News & Press

Operation BBQ Relief Always Serving Project
May 9, 2022 Operation BBQ Relief Sponsor Geosphere llc is a proud sponsor of the 2022 Operation BBQ Relief Celebrity BBQ Academy and Golf Classic in Kansas City May 22-23.... Read more >> Geosphere
Better for All PHBH Cup
Apr 12, 2022 Introducing the Better for All PHBH Cup Our first production quality non-toxic and compostable PHBH Event Cup!... Read more >> Geosphere

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Introducing our beautiful Better for All #PHBH #cup 18 ounce pour, thin walled #biobased #nontoxic #compostable. Thanks to our wonderful material innovators @kanekabiopolymers #greenplanet and manufacturing partners at #atacama Have a wonderful weekend - #cascarones confetti eggs from @homestate @betterforall_co ...

Heading to #Denver for @outdoorretailer #snowshow 2022-message us - we’ve got samples of our #homecompostable #apparel #bags #nontoxicliving #nontoxic @betterforall_co ...

Hello Friends -- We are a proud sponsor of the PREFACE SHOW this year, deliciously themed Taste Of Trend, now rescheduled (because, yes, you Omicron) to February 23-24 2022 in NYC -- please find our booth(look for our trademark Better For All) and pick up free samples of our Home Compostable Apparel Bags, plus all show attendees will receive a special edition Preface Compost-It Tote #apparel #tradeshow
#PREFACE #sustainablefashion #tasteoftrend #sustainabletextiles #compostable #compostablepackaging @bffstudiofabrics @preface_show

We are excited to announce that Geosphere LLC with @kanekabiopolymers is an applicant for ⁠the @TOMFORD Plastic Innovation Prize powered by @LonelyWhale’s #52HZ. The prize will both catalyze new innovation and accelerate the trajectory of companies, like ours, already working on thin-film plastic alternatives, bringing visibility to the issue, vetting solutions, and facilitating scale. The technical submission round closes on October 24th. Join us and submit your innovation to help #unwrapthefuture. Learn more at PLASTICPRIZE.ORG. ...

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by how much and how many things need addressing, so start locally, find ways within reach you can contribute, change or do. One step at a time, because it is high time to start stepping. #Repost @howchangers
“You matter”

small things are everything- this week’s #trashcomic by @elkpen and bell hooks: "Like all great mysteries, we are all mysteriously called to love no matter the conditions of our lives, the degree of our depravity or despair. The persistence of this call gives us reason to hope. Without hope, we cannot return to love." Thanks to Ibram X. Kendi for the reference to bell hook's beautiful book "All About Love" #vote #vote2020 #bellhooks @ibramxk

L.A.Compost community composting network is growing and running socially distant pickups across Los Angeles “It’s about creating that change at the household level, at the community level, at the park level, at the regional level — to make compost accessible and include all neighborhoods, not just the neighborhoods that have the space and means to put it forward.” Inspiring Interview with founder Michael Martinez by @nadinezyl @compostculturesp @urbankomposter @bokashicompost #losangeles #compost #community #communitylove ...

@sunrisemvmt postcard writing counting up to 200 or bust! Going to swing states young voters tomorrow VOTE or ... @sunrisemvmtla @sunrisemvmtnyc @fridaysforfuture #vote2020 #VOTE #sunrisemovement #fridaysforfuture #generationrising ...

@elkpen The State of Climate Action anyone living in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, the Arctic, Siberia, Australia, and the Amazon Rainforest knows what this #trashcomic is about #smoke #pollution #wildfire #climatechange #climatescience #climateaction #climate #environment #environmentaljustice ...

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